Jon Wood: "ONE to five"

Track listing

1. Slow Burn MP3 (62s, 430k)
2. Horse Nails MP3 (64s, 439k)
3. Feel Warm Inside
4. Tightrope MP3 (57s, 391k)
5. It means everything MP3 (58s, 403k)
6. 125mph MP3 (58s, 404k)
7. In your Shadow
8. Sorry I missed your birthday
9. Maybe Girl
10. Beat of my Heart MP3 (58s, 398k)
11. Tuning, drop out
Hidden track: The Clown


Eamon McLoughlin: violin (tracks 1 & 11)
Tobias: vocals (track 2)
Phil Mills: lap steel guitar (track 2)
Hanna Burchell: vocals (tracks 3 & 10), backing vocals (track 7), flute (track 3)
Lenna Santamaria: vocals (track 5)
Josie Owens: alto saxophone (track 5), soprano saxophone (track 6)
Steve Harrison: bass (track 5)
Simon Cambers: drums (track 5)
Tom Andrews: percussion (track 6)
Steve Holland: vocals (track 7)
Linda Game: violin (tracks 7, 9 & 10)
Gill Emerson: cello (track 7)
David Jordan:vocals (track 9)
Charlie D'aerth: double bass (track 10)
Jon Wood: acoustic guitar (all tracks)

Production etc

Recorded at Church Road Studio, Hove (tracks 2, 5 & 10) and iMusic Studio (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6-9, 11) from January 2003 to March 2004.
Engineered by Paul Pascoe (Church Road) and Tim Cotterell (iMusic).
Produced by Jon, Paul and Tim.
Mastered at Church Road.

String arrangement track 7 by Linda Game.

Jon plays a Benjamin guitar (see Benjamin Guitars website) and a Gibson J45 (tracks 5 & 9 only).

Photography (including cover): Sue Wood.
Graphic design: PIPCreative.


Special thanks to all the musicians who have given up their time and put so much energy into this project. It is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Sue, Rachel and Jessie for living under the same roof as me. Also thanks to: Tony, Borah, Kerry, Terry, Dave, Sue, Alistair, Dom, Phil, Paul, Jules, Wendy, Rod and anyone else who has had to put up with me over the 15 months it took to make this album. Also a mention for left-handed guitarists everywhere (I know what it's like!)

Orange Sky Records ORACD104

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