About The Fold
The Fold are:
  • Steve Holland: Vocals, Percussion
  • Hanna Burchell: Vocals, Flute, Low Whistle, Mandolin, Percussion
  • Linda Game: Fiddle & Mandolin
  • Jon Wood: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Steve Harrison: Bass
  • Tom Andrews: Drums, Percussion

What are they about?

The Fold play dance music with twists and turns to keep your mind occupied too. The band are
renowned for their strong instrumentation and strong songs; the eclectic mix of styles comes
from the diversity of musical interests within the band, which have melded together over time.
The telepathy between the musicians is apparent particularly on stage.

Is it straight folk-rock? No, it isn't. There are some classic folk-rock belters in the set, as well a
popular section in the live set with fiddle tunes, but there are also elements of dance music, funk
and Americana in there too.

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Current activities

The band played their 20th anniversary gig in Lewes to a full house in October, 2014.
In 2015, the band are still gigging and playing festivals

The Band's History

The Fold were formed in 1994 by two members of the band Altogether Elsewhere, an early
nineties folk-rock band that independently sold thousands of tapes, played hundreds of gigs, and fell
apart in 1993.

Gigging and Line-up

September 1994 saw The Fold play their first live show, initially gigging in the UK South
Coast area, and later nationwide. The band rapidly gained a reputation for great live performances
borne out by an expanding mailing list and many loyal fans. The band have been gigging ever
since including performances in Botswana, Germany, France and Belgium as well as countless gigs
in the UK from country pubs to festival main stages!

The band have had a number of line-up changes. Here are the past members
Eamon McLoughlin, fiddle - '94 to '95 now with The Greencards in Nashville
Alex Percy, fiddle, banjo - '09 to '11
Kirsten Hammond, fiddle - '11 to '13
Vicki Smallwood, vocals - '95 to '96
Jo Shiel, vocals - '96 to '98
Charlie, vocals - '98

Linda Game (fiddle, mandolin) is back with the Fold. Dates are: - '95 to '08 and '13 to current


The Fold have recorded three albums and one EP:
"Spiral" in 1995, and "Close Up" in 1997. Both albums were very well received in the press
throughout Europe. The albums were released on the independent Orange Sky Records
label, with international distribution arranged through Delerium Records. The CD EP "Life is
Beautiful" was released in November 1999.
The album "A change has got to come" was released on Orange Sky Records (ORA CD105) on May
8th, 2009
A track 'Rhode Island Beauty' was recorded in 2010 and appeared on the album 'Un-Herd' given free
with the magazine 'Rock 'n' Reel'