Middlewich Festival
Middlewich Festival 2006 photo gallery

We had a truly splendid time at Middlewich. Mucho thanks to Liz Rosenfield for looking after us, Graham and Smeg for the sound on Sunday, Chris and Chris for the sound on Saturday and the wonderful compere whose name escapes me at the moment!
Here are some photos (scroll down for some great stage shots taken by Sue Wood)

The audience taken from the top of Jon's guitar cab (click to enlarge)

Linda doin' her thing (click to enlarge)

Steve took this one after commanding arms to be lifted (click to enlarge)

Another one of Steve's (click to enlarge)

Tom during soundcheck (click to enlarge)

Post gig beer!

You can see why they have to be narrow!

Many colourful boats were on view over the weekend

Steve finds his namesake

Hanna's impression of a Cheshire Cat!

Steve caught in the light

Middlewich Photos by Sue Wood

Great shot of Linda on mandolin (click to enlarge)

Smiling Hanna with Linda (click to enlarge)

Steve and that tamborine (click to enlarge)

Jon and his SG (click to enlarge)

Steve and Jon (click to enlarge)

Steve and the headless bass in action (click to enlarge)

Tom during Dennis Daze (click to enlarge)

Linda and Hanna (click to enlarge)

Hanna with mandolin (click to enlarge)

Steve at the warm-up gig on the Saturday (click to enlarge)

Post gig drinking (click to enlarge)