Earlier news
Linda back in the saddle!

The Fold's fiddle player from the period 1996-2008 has rejoined the band ready for
gigs next year.

2014 marks the band's 20th anniversary, so it is a timely reunion.

Both Alex and Kirsten have done a splendid job of keeping the flame alive in Linda's
absence, well done to them.

Of course Linda knows a wealth of the band's band's back catalogue, so pulling
something out of the hat is always a possibility, we shall see....

Beautiful Days

The Fold had a great time at last year's Beautiful Days Festival (held in Escot Park,
Fairmile (Devon), August 16th-18th)

The band played on the Bimble Inn stage on Saturday, August 17th

Here is a photo of the audience taken from the stage during the set

Click on photo to see a larger version

Great video footage on youtube of a 2012 gig

There is some great footage of the band's gig at The Con Club on Friday, September
23rd. Here are some links...
link one
link two
link three
There is more, you will see further youtube links when you follow the above....or you
can google "Lewes music youtube con club the fold" - that should do it!

Stokes Bay photos now on show!

The Fold played the festival on August 1st. Thanks greatly to Borah Toff for taking
some cracking photos of the band the festival. Press tab on the left marked "Stokes
Bay Festival"

Click on the photo for the full, widescreen effect!

Fabulous new track recorded Thursday, June 25th up on myspace!

HEAR IT NOW (The Rhode Island Beauty)
here (plus three tracks from the
new album)