Steve Harrison

Steve's Story

A died-in-the-wool, beer-swilling, bearded folky, I had always wanted to form a folk-rock band. So in my early 20's I made this my goal, undeterred by the facts that I had neither songs nor any instrumental ability. Eventually a bass guitar was purchased and tentative adverts were placed looking for musicians.

Through a chance encounter in 1989 I met Jon, and persuaded him to join the embryonic Altogether Elsewhere as guitarist and songwriter. Jon took to this slightly alien folky direction with aplomb and the band achieved notable success. A.E eventually disappeared up its own backside in an implosion of acrimony and frustration at the end of 1993. Eventually The Fold rose from the ashes and Jon was able let loose some his more natural west-coast, progressive and psychedelic influences into The Fold's more liberal musical melting pot, albeit under a general folk-rock umbrella. It's a pleasure to play with great musicians who are also great friends.

My other musical activity is The Dayglo Pirates, the UK's Jethro Tull tribute band that I formed (while drunk I hasten to add !) with The Fold's very own Tom Andrews and my old University friend, Simon Taylor. The band has gone on to play internationally and have been lucky to have had several ex-Tull musicians join us on stage. So that has been a blast. Check out the links page for the The Dayglo Pirates website.

A couple of years back, myself and Jon started running The Lewes Folk Rock Festival, initially to promote our own musical projects, but latterly to give local and national artistes a great, local festival. It's been great fun and we pride ourselves in looking after both punters (with high quality acts and excellent atmosphere) and the artistes (with free food and beer and excellent PA facilities).
After a lay-off, the festival is back in 2006, so check out the Links page.

In the daylight hours I work in the professional audio industry designing audio amplifiers and other widgets and gizmos in a small company located on the Riverside in my home-town of Lewes. Sounds idyllic... until it floods !!

What else...?? oh yes.. I'm a bit of a foodie and love to eat out, or wreak havoc in my own kitchen...