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ONE to five: Track by Track

1. Slow Burn
I wrote this tune anticipating that when my new guitar arrived it would take me an age to get
used to it (a bit like a new pair of walking boots for example). I turned out to be completely
wrong, as I loved the guitar straight away! Eamon really worked hard on getting right inside the
intricacies of this piece and for me, that's what makes it: the incredibly close interaction of the

2. Horse Nails
I first heard Tobias singing at The Hobgoblin in Brighton with his band 'Mudlow'. His powerful voice
had me pinned to the back wall! Jules, who I used to play in Altogether Elsewhere with in the early
'90s, and who now plays in Mudlow, introduced me to Toby and I offered him a choice of two
songs. He chose one, but didn't want to use my lyrics. I said "fair enough" and he wrote some
lyrics for the tune that were ten times better than mine anyway! Phil Mills of Smokestack adds
some of his characteristically classy lap steel to this track.

It turns out that the lyrics form part two of a story. For part one, you will need to purchase
Mudlow's debut album ("Welcome to Mudlow Country", on West Pier Records - out soon). I've
heard snippets from the album, and some of the tracks live, and from what I've heard so far, it's

3. Feel Warm Inside
Hanna is such a brilliant improviser that I couldn't resist throwing her in the deep end on this
track. I 'wrote' (not quite the right word in this case!) the last section as just a straight pedal of a
bass-line and asked Hanna to improvise the vocal lines over them. She did three takes of this
section, all of which were good, but the third take was the one. When you listen to her phrasing,
timing and melody on that last section, just remember that she made it up as she went along!

4. Tightrope
This is a quirky little instrumental that owes quite a lot to my love of early Dave Evans playing.
This was written during my playing-in-DADGAD-and-nothing-else phase!

5. It means everything
This started out as a song called "Satisfies Me", but after a chorus revision it ended up being the
tune it is now. I had originally thought this might suit Jo Shiel (ex-The Fold) but Jo's pretty well
into staying out of the limelight these days so it did not come together. I've always been a great
fan of Lenna, through her work with Lenna and the Snakemen. I offered Lenna three songs and
thought she would choose one of the more bluesy pieces. As it was she homed in on "It means
everything" and does a beautiful job with it. Simon and Steve make a great rhythm section and
Josie is just such a star, her playing weaves in and out of the vocals really sweetly.

6. 125mph
This was originally going to be as a straight guitar instrumental. It is written about the time I left
my SG and my J45 on a pavement in Lewes after unloading equipment from my car after a gig,
but forgetting to put the guitars back in! I only discovered this when I arrived home in Brighton.
The title refers to the speed I drove at back to Lewes to retrieve the instruments. This being
Lewes, not only were the guitars still there when I arrived, but some nice person had moved them
to one side so that they weren't blocking the pavement anymore! Update: My beloved SG
eventually got stolen from a dressing room at a Lewes venue...dooh!

After adding percussion, I played the mix to Steve (bass player, track five) and he suggested it
needed something else and I agreed. Having been so impressed with Josie on "It means
everything" I thought I'd ask her if she'd have a go at this one. She did and I love the results! This
is possibly my favourite track on the album. For sure the hovering note she plays from 3:00 to
3:06 is my single favourite moment from the whole album!

7. In your Shadow
This track has a lot more history than other tracks on the album. It was written for The Fold some
years ago. It appears on the album because it is one of Steve's (The Fold's singer) favourite songs
to sing. Linda put a lot of hours into the string section on this and has written a beautiful and
thoughtful arrangement. The hanging end came about after we removed the resolving final chord
because to hang seemed a lot better.

8. Sorry I missed your birthday
I was keen to write a solo guitar piece that was slow like a ballad. I think these are really difficult
to play well. You have to forget the mechanics of playing the instrument altogether and just let it
flow. Some people seem to do this with ease (especially Pierre Bensusan) - I think it's really

9. Maybe Girl
I first saw David singing with his band Fat Jew at one of their regular Prince Albert slots. He did a
version of "Need your Love so Bad" that was spine-chilling stuff. David is really easy to work with
and the session was a pleasure to do. Which was good, because you wouldn't want to argue with
David: he is a keen fencer!

This song is partly influenced by my love of, especially Whiskeytown, who I have got
into big time in the last few years.

10. Beat of my Heart
This was the last song to go on the album and was written early in 2004. Hanna is a natural for
this type of song, with its Joni-like melody. Some friends have said that the arrangement reminds
them of music from 'The Summer of Love' and I like to think that it does have that easy-going
vibe, helped by the breezy violin and melodic double bass playing.

11. Tuning, drop out
This is the other instrumental with Eamon playing on it. This is the one in the tuning FGDGCD. I
love the sound Tim Cotterell got from my guitar on this track... it is so big! Eamon's solo is spot-
on for this track and it makes a great end to the proceedings (except it's not really the end...).

Hidden track: The Clown
So did you work it out? Check the exact time of the silence from the end of the last track to the
start of the hidden track - I guess it's not that difficult really!

Well, this is where it all started in the year 2000 (see above), so I couldn't really leave this little
tune off the album.