Hanna Burchell

About Hanna

Current day Hanna in glamourous mode!

Early days

At the age of 13, Gloucestershire born Hanna Burchell won a regional talent contest and has been involved with music ever since.

Hanna, 13, wins a talent contest

Hanna moved to Brighton in the late eighties and has played in over 12 bands including Pan (signed to Big Cat records), a dub and funk house groove band that played the jazz-world stage at Glastonbury in the early 90s as well as extensively touring in the UK and Europe. Other bands that have included Hanna in their line-up are: Deep Mambo, Animal Magic, Runestone and Amusikaido.

Above are two publicity photographs (early '90s) of Hanna in Brighton (taken by Anand Day, formally Dennis Day of the Fold tune "Dennis Daze" fame!)

Current Projects

Hanna's current musical projects are as a solo singer-songwriter, half of Hanna & Magdalena and of course, The Fold. Her solo career was established by the release of her debut album in 1999 entitled 'Reach Out'.

The album has been very well received - this is how Geoff Wall of Folk on Tap magazine reacted to it: "Hanna is a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who can effortlessly turn her vocal talent to any musical genre that you'd care to nominate". Hanna plans to release a follow-up in 2006 (watch this space for more news on this). Hanna's songs are filled with the concerns of the modern woman: the environment, relationships and what the future holds both for her personally and in the world at large.

Hanna & Magdalena have been together since 1993 (they were formally known as 'Shamana' and released two albums under that name). They have just released a new album, 'Invisible Threads' on the Latest Records label.

You can download tracks from the album and purchase the album from the Duo's website, as well as view their photo gallery. Also see the site for concert information and for further details on this project.

Teaching and Sessions

Hanna is a sought-after session musician and has collaborated with, amongst others: Arthur Brown, Greenkeepers, The New Serge Gainsbourg and Mister Bogus. As well as her singing ability, her aptitude on guitar, mandolin, flute, low whistle and percussion make Hanna a versatile person to have in the studio. She is a natural improviser (check out her inspired flute solo on Dennis Daze in the video section of this website) and can rapidly fit in with any groove being cooked up either live or in a recording setting.

As well as performing, Hanna is involved with running workshops and teaching, both as a voice coach and with guitar technique. If you are interested in receiving lessons from Hanna, you can contact her by email at hanna@thefold.co.uk.

Hanna having a good time at a Fold Christmas gig, 2004