Steve Holland

About Steve

Thrust into the limelight

Steve the rock god standing tall

The 18 year old Steve auditioned for a small part in the Nottingham Youth Theatre's production of the play "Rick Mickley" (or a name approximating to this - well it was a long time ago!) The part was playing a gay dance teacher but the producer asked Steve to read for the lead role. He did, he passed the audition and the next thing he knew he was the star of the show! Problem was a musical so he had to sing!

Over the years Steve has kept his thespian hand in and vows one day, once his rock and roll career has ended, to return to the greasepaint.

Appearing as prison officer McBain (centre) in the Lewes Little Theatre's production of "Kidnapped at Christmas"

Steve the punk...and groom

In 1983 Steve joined the Nottingham anarchic punk band "Megavoid", but not as the lead singer. His role was to play punk guitar and that he did with gusto (or 'gutso' as we say in The Fold!)

Steve (the guitarist on the left), with the punk band Megavoid

The band lasted until 1986, and in 1987 Steve moved down South to the village of Ditchling. Soon Steve started work as a groom and this picture wonderfully captures Steve in action on a horse! Perhaps this should be his new stage look?!

Steve in equestrian mode, late '80s

...and on lead vocals we present...

In 1987 Steve joined punk band Insomnia on lead vocals. The band, which played covers and original material, existed up to 1989 and included Slim Tim in their line-up. Steve describes the band Insomnia in one simple phrase..."they found a cure for it!!"

Insomnia rocking the joint

Next up was the notorious punk-come-rock band "Mary Hinge". The band existed from 1988 to 1993 and included the wonderful Jim (he of the flying fingers) on lead guitar.

They played some great gigs and eventually Steve got the sack for his indifference and his increasing love of all things folk and rock (especially the band Jon and Steve were in at the time called 'Altogether Elsewhere)

The mighty Hinge in publicity mode

Steve and The Fold

In 1994, Jon and Steve Harrison were up for getting another band together and needed a singer. Steve Holland by this time had got to know them via Altogether Elsewhere and so things simply fell into place. In fact Steve's house in Balcombe had a great out building for rehearsing in and so the fledgling Fold began their journey....(see early line-up shots taken at Steve's place in the Archives section of the photo gallery)

Inspiration and other interests

Artistes who Steve finds inspiring include: David Bowie and (of course!) punk bands The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Stranglers. He is also a fan of The Tubes and the German band, "Rammstein".

Steve's other interests include motorcycling and splashing about in his hottub!!

Steve rebuilding his Francis-Barnett '32

Tom, Hanna and others enjoying Steve's hot tub

Oh yes and going to music festivals...

Sarong....and yet so right - fun at a festival

Not forgetting holidays. This last photo is of Steve's favourite beach in the world

Steve's favourite beach, Tigari Bay in Crete